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Shooting Minors in Photography Talk
Nothing wrong with shooting minors. Use basic common sense and don't get stupid..
Under 18 implieds in General Industry
Well, then good for her. I have no interest in shooting minors and never had any. But if I'm compensated, I feel that I'm kinda 'forced' to look into any technicalities of this issue before making a decision.
If any model has ever shot with "Craig Faulkner" in General Industry
In the last thirty days, we have had two posts about relatively well known photographers being arrested. The posts were based on news articles. I am aware, myself, of at least a dozen arrests over the last few years. One even involved a photographer, working for Playboy, being arrested for shooting minors in the nude. I agree that the vast majority of people here are not going to commit sexual offenses. That doesn't change the fact that these articles do drive public perception of photography and the Internet. As a community, we should be far more concerned about stopping the conduct and improving the public's perception. Fighting amongst ourselves about these petty issues is just a waste of time and just makes us all look worse.
shooting for a 17 y.o in Photography Talk
Times sure have changed. Twenty years ago, I used to shoot minors in bikini and glamour sessions and never had much of a problem, if any.
French Vogue --- 6-year-old models in General Industry
Ok first off I take offence to anyone calling any 6 year old a WHORE. That totally set the mood straight off the bat. Second... This is more or less a blog am I correct??? If so, then who cares what this jackass thinks???? I am normally one of the biggest ones on here who will stand and bitch to the top of the ceiling about shooting minors. But honestly, this image? There is not a damn fucking thing wrong with it in the least. Nothing provocative. Nothing suggestive. This is a young model (granted she is very young) within a fashion setting. And for the record you can tell whatever his name is that owns this article to get a grip and stop acting like an asshole and calling little girls whores.
is the fuzz creepin on MM ?? in General Industry
what??? Im no fan of law enforcement, but even to me this statement is just plain silly fearmongering on the scale of the pro escort white knights... That is of course unless you desire to shoot minors saliciously or engage in extra activities with them, then and only then do you need to worry about a police sting...
She is 18YO but is a Senior in High School in Photography Talk
That might be so, but there are no laws against Jimmy Stephans shooting minors in glamour or lingerie. So where is the concern? No laws are being broken. Is it all about morals and ethics?
Satan lives in the nipples of -18 girls in AZ! in General Industry
Perhaps we can shorten this and the other (equally creppy) thread from the OP, there are no states you can move to that you would be allowed to shoot minor's nude so stop looking.
Working with people under 18? in General Industry
There are a lot of search results for "under 18" in the following link: … rt_order=0 And here are search results for "shooting minors" that has other useful info. … rt_order=0
Working with people under 18? in General Industry
I shoot minors. No big deal
Working with people under 18? in General Industry
Just shot a 16 yr-old for an agency. Her mother was with her. I don't know what the big deal is about shooting minors. lol
Why are you paranoid in Photography Talk
Drama? I don't see how so... Maybe I am missing something, but when I shoot minors I have no drama around me believe it or not they are very easy to work with and I don't have to deal with divas
Why are you paranoid in Photography Talk
This is quickly becoming one of those dead horse topics. Forget about testing for agencies if you're paranoid about shooting minors .
Why are you paranoid in Photography Talk
Well then thats a think you should learn from now start shaking in your pants and saying never NEVER I will never shoot minors! PPPFFFTTT lame excuse!!!
Why are you paranoid in Photography Talk
I find it crazy how many MM photographers are so paranoid about shooting minors.. What is your deal? why are you so scared?
shooting with minors:best practices in General Industry should protect yourself. I believe in the old adage: better safe than sorry. Only shoot minors with signed consent from the parent, regardless of content. One bad experience will NOT be worth it. In fact, it could seriously damage your career.
No Nudes in Model Colloquy
Depending on the state... if it was your parents AND in your own home.. it would be legal to give you any alcohol... BUT.. there aren't many parents that do it. I will be one that will offer a TASTE (not a full beer or anything like that) if they ever ask... as I grew up, I never asked.. I smelled the stuff and haven't touched it since.. but I do cook with it and have lots of different drinks in the home But, I digress.. sorry for the thread jack. Back on track... Shooting minors in the nude = having enough money to hire a lawyer to support that artistic view point.
An End To The Escort Mess in Photography Talk
Completely untrue. There are many safety, liability, and potential equipment/material loss concerns for the photographer, which your statement completely disregards. To a certain extent, I agree. I have allowed escorts when shooting minors. I have allowed escorts with models with medical conditions (seizures, for example). Other than a small amount of exceptions, however, escorts are unnecessary. It's really not an "American" vs. "European" thing. There are photographers all over the world that are willing to allow escorts, and there are those that don't want to deal with the problems safety/liability/potential loss problems, and would rather protect themselves. If your husband is a "driver", and not an "escort", I don't know who would object to that.
Do you take Risks with your photography? in Photography Talk
I don't take risks, but then again I never considered shooting minors a risk.
Release help, Pretty Please! in General Industry
But in the MM world this is just anther excuse to argue about shooting minors, parental consent, escorts, 2257, and what is/isn't age appropriate.
Underage model? in Photography Talk
I don't shoot minors with out a parent and a parent's signature on the model release. END OF STORY!!!
Underage model? in Photography Talk
I completely agree with Chanel. I shoot minors all the time and that's usually how it goes. Check out my younger models page of website: … /index.htm
Repeated threads... in Off-Topic Discussion
another: Hi I'm new=) (always with the smiley face) or: why comment for comment on main page? shooting minors? or (in the digital art section): Help me with this photo! or (in the general feedback): Which to keep? or (in the hair and make up): which product? or (in the photography) your opinion on AB?
Can your escort wait in the car? in General Industry
Obviously. That's part of the problem. You care nothing of other's perspectives, other than your own. I'm sorry if you don't see it, but if I have a choice of believing the countless photographers, models, industry professionals, and lawyers in regards to shooting minors, or believing an 18 yr old model who works with a lot of carefree shooters...I know who I believe. Peace out.
Repeated threads... in Off-Topic Discussion
Canon vs Nikon Shooting Minors Model Releases I have a legal question Filters on DSLR
Would I use my Polaroid film on you? in Fun and Games
I'd probably say no just because of you age. I'm not planning on shooting minors. But you're adorable and have really nice energy in front of the camera. [img][/img] Let me know when you're 18?
Shooting Minor - No Implied Though! ??? in General Industry
plus ONE. I shoot minors all the time. No problem and no big deal.
Shooting Minor - No Implied Though! ??? in General Industry
Generally, the only issue with shooting minors is the use of the pictures. If you plan on using them in your port, it's good to get a release signed by the parent/gaurdian. If you plan on publishing them, that would be mandatory. Otherwise, make it a fun day.
Children and preteen modeling portfolios in Photography Talk
I personally don't shoot minors, not worth the headaches to me.
Photographing Models (-18) in Photography Talk
If you do a search, you'll find 100's of threads on this subject. I've shot several under 18 girls, shot a 15 year old just this past Saturday. Signed release, and her mother was in the room the entire time. Nothing sexy, more like senior picture type stuff. I think the whole shooting minor thing is common sense. If your the slightest bit worried about what your doing could get you in trouble.......don't do it. Couldn't be more simple.
Do alot of photographers shoot minors? in General Industry
I shoot minors all the time.
Do alot of photographers shoot minors? in General Industry
I shoot minors all the time. Sometimes without guardian present. If I need a release, I can get their guardian to sign one, or I can wait until they turn 18 and they can sign for themselves. Generally, teens perform better when their parents are not watching. Thus, I prefer not to have parents around or keep them in a separate room.
Do alot of photographers shoot minors? in General Industry
I shoot minors quite often. I also have had legal advice on what precautions to take.
Model Release Forms? in Photography Talk
Well, as for shooting minors, I do quite often because all of my friends are under eighteen. I would feel weird about asking them to sign releases, though, especially if the photos are casual. But I suppose it's better to be safe. Can I be sued for posting photos of someone online without a release?
15 yr old model in a TF in Photography Talk
+1 Shooting minors alone = Possible major offense
17 Implied nudes in Model Colloquy
First, OP you are very beautiful and should have a great future ahead of you in modeling or a related field; don't worry about corporate employers down the road at this point in your life. As someone on here observed, you are actually over the age of consent in your country, so there can be nothing except busy bodies objecting. Secondly, don't mean to hijack the thread, but this might give perspective to the discussion: being in the US I've been very careful over the past ten years, and even avoided shooting minors at all for a while. Then, I realized that an enterprising prosecutor or cop can make trouble for me WHATEVER I do, photographically or otherwise. So I've chosen to apply common sense and enjoy making art. Young models are sometimes the most fun to work with, and as long as a parent is there and approves, I'm good. If I get hassled, I probably would have been anyway. Same with the OP: know the law in your area, and stay within it, and ignore the clucking from people who don't know better. It's your life, enjoy it.
When is permission required to shoot minors? in Photography Talk
Do you have any thoughts as to when it would not be OK to shoot minors in public places? Both morally/socially and legally.
When is permission required to shoot minors? in Photography Talk
Opinion/Personal Business Practice: We always have a parent or legal guardian present when we shoot minors, even senior pictures, and a release/permission form is always required from the parents or legal guardians before hand. No exceptions, no complications, no problems for us! Mike
When is permission required to shoot minors? in Photography Talk
OK, in relation to THIS THREAD which was locked, the OP was encouraged to start another on the same topic. I haven't seen it, so I'm starting one. There seems to be paranoia and confusion when it comes to shooting minors. Photographers should know their rights, whether they choose to exercise them or not. I know many of you have opinions on this subject, which is good. Let's try to keep this on course and stick to a format for discussion. If you have an opinion to share, please preface it with OPINION and if you have something legal on the subject to share, please preface it with LEGAL and cite the associated law/code. If you think it's a law but can't find the relevant cite, please indicate this as well. Also, if you are posting about customs, opinions, and/or laws that are based in a country other than the U.S.A, please indicate this as well. Opinions can be universal, obviously, so you need only indicate this if it's a prevailing opinion in your country but maybe not others. EDIT: I don't want to turn this into a discussion of child pornography or anything even close. For purposes of this discussion, let's assume that the photographs we're talking about do not fall into that category. Thank you.
Do most photographers require proof of age? in Model Colloquy
And, I don't shoot minors, even for fashion or portrait work.
Minor model photography - advise request in Photography Talk
I only shoot minors with a parent or guardian present.
Minor model photography - advise request in Photography Talk
I personally will not shoot minors without parent present ever!!
Shooting a minor in lingerie? in Photography Talk
Seriously? I don't see the connection. Personally, I think the people running around crying "perv" are the ones with the issue. I don't shoot minors in glamour style but that's simply a practical decision. Morally I think it’s a non-issue.
Shooting a minor in lingerie? in Photography Talk
shooting minors nude is not illegal...omg...
Shooting a minor in lingerie? in Photography Talk
yeah better play it safe huh? do you know how many artists have gone to jail, because they wouldn't compromise their art? artists have had to push the envelope since the middle ages...i'm not just talking about shooting minors, im talking about social statements... at one time, artists were executed for portraying christ in perspective, in a painting.. geeze its to the point where cops are arresting people for taking legal perfectly legal photographs in public.... well ill tell you one thing..the cops and government should be afraid of the people, not the other way around... our founding fathers must be spinning in their graves....we dont deserve our own wait, i do, cause im willing to fight for it....
Shooting a minor in lingerie? in Photography Talk
This is why I don't shoot minors also.
Shooting a minor in lingerie? in Photography Talk
+1. But that isn't what I want to do, just a good point. Let me repeat. Shooting minors in highly sexual situations is not my intention as a photographer.
Shooting a minor in lingerie? in Photography Talk
The truth is, high fashion photographers shoot minors in highly sexual situations every day. I don't know why everyone is pretending that's not the case.
Why me is it something in my profile? rant! in Photography Talk of the reasons I don't shoot minors. haha
List of underage model (so 16-17 for MM) in General Industry
[img][/img] Yes this is only one of the advantage available. I hope this topic became a reference for everyone interest on shooting minor.
List of underage model (so 16-17 for MM) in General Industry
[img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] There are many models with potentiality. I believe that even those who prefer don't shoot minors perhaps some could change mind giving a bit of visibility at these models.
Photographer asked me to bring an escort... in General Industry
Does this have anything to do with shooting minors in the nude or pissing off nuns? As for having the model bring an escort- fuck that noise. If the model is going to lie, the person they brought along will back THEM up not you. Then its two against one. I have an assistant who I prefer to work with. I've done lots of shots one-on-one with the model as well and its worked out fine.
Photographers and Minors in General Industry
Not wanting to speculate on why. I shoot minors when they fit the casting.
Photographers and Minors in General Industry
Bill, Your experience with shooting minors is much like mine!
Photographers and Minors in General Industry
That's fine then. I'm in Grand Rapids and will gladly take money to shoot minors if you don't want it. Honestly, I'm laughing at the raw paranoia in this thread. Don't you people understand- YOU are helping make things worse with those attitudes!
Photographers and Minors in General Industry
I've been shooting minors since way before the Internet came to be. Wish you were here!
Photographers and Minors in General Industry
Liability issues. Someone under the age of 18 cannot sign a legally binding contract, and usually require an escort, which some photographers don't allow. It's illegal to shoot minors in sexual ways, and lots of photographers enjoy doing nude/lingerie/glamour photography. Also, maturity issues.
Model contacted me for nudes, 17 years old... in General Industry
Not being funny but he's probably busy shooting minors tongue
Implied with 17yo in Model Colloquy
Personally, I don't shoot minors simply because it's a sticky situation. Morally, I don't see anything wrong with it... And even the laws are generally on your side as long as it's not sexual in nature. But when it comes down to it, much of society is very conservative, and all it takes is one person getting offended for you to be in a world of hurt. I play better safe than sorry... YMMV.
Implied with 17yo in Model Colloquy
Which is why, the smart ones here say "jut don't do it." It also doesn't change the fact that, there is at least some forms of nudity, which will not be illegal. The problem is drawing the line in the sand, which is why shooting minors in the nude is crazy.
Naked Minors in General Industry
So say something in writing. Something like "I don't shoot minors nude (in lingerie, whatever)".
What is a photographers NIGHTMARE? in Newbie Forum
ahh my studio is in my home too, so i dont shoot minors in my studio, but i dont see the problem going on location with them, do you?
Making young models feel comfortable in Photography Talk
common sense is having a parent or guardian or witness present when shooting minors. I guess common sense doesn't exist in your part of Canada?
I has teh new peektures. in SF2
......there's a legal way to shoot minors, right? RIGHT???? Morgan, these may be your best work so far. Very impressed.
looking for models over 21? in General Industry
Age doesn't mean anything to me, it's more the way the model can look. Leaving age limits out, you can be surprized what you can find here. I never shoot minors though, must be 18-up. Paul
17 and nude. in Model Colloquy
just don't shoot minors at all, unless you are doing a good business in senior portraits its just not worth the hassle. It really doesn't matter what they are wearing or not wearing, just wait 10 mo. and its a non-issue. Maybe its my middle age talking, but whats the big deal over 10 mo, or even a whole year, it goes by way too fast to worry about it.
Shooting in the Nude in Photography Talk
Donnie shoots minors without their pants on? Tsk tsk.
Photographer needs Driver's License # in Model Colloquy
Can anyone, anyone at all, post a link to a law that requires valid ID for nudity, per se (with the sole exception of work that falls under 2257)? Given that you can legally shoot minors nude, I won't be holding my breath :-)
Safety when shooting minors in Photography Talk
I don't shoot minors for any reason, whatsoever, without the parent's signature on the release, and a parent-(and another witness for myself)- present the whole time.
15 year old implied topless.. What would you do??? in Photography Talk
This is not a good deal at all.....young models need to realize although they want to be all the way into the Modeling Industry they need to wait like everyone else. You open up a lot of negativity if you choose to shoot minors in implied or nudes..
17 year model 18 year old escort !!! in Photography Talk
The person who asked why you need a release does have a point. A release is necessary when you want to publish work in connection with goods or services (ie, commercial usage). The publisher requires the release. As to shooting minors, whether commercial or not, check on your state laws.
first time nude shoot in Model Colloquy
Yes, I know shooting minors nude isn't illegal.
Ok Question.... in Model Colloquy
Oh this has always been my favorite rant. So here is where you see the Jail-house lawyers come out of the woodwork telling you what is legal and not legal... Then tell you how people need to pull their heads out... Those are the ones that scare me. Suggestive is what ever you find to be and where do we draw the line? When your door gets knocked in and hauled away to jail. It is the world we live in, and more-so will continue to live in. I don't like it, I hate it, but that is me. Drawing the line can only happen from within but there will always be those who don't care about a line... My stance? Make shooting minors more difficult and hope for the best. Reality, more Chester's will buy more cameras. (My opinion, don't like it, too bad)
FBI Called Me Today... in Model Colloquy
This is a bit frightening to me, since I am in that part of the state. Luckily I too require photo id from all my models, and I am not in the habit of shooting minors to avoid scenarios just like this one. If you are willing to share the model in question Jake, feel free to send me a PM. Good luck, and I hope everything works out without further complications. I love your style and have long admired your work even though I am no where near that "level." Kevin
On approaching minors, for modelling.... in General Industry
Do they stop being "crazy" on their 18th birthday? Even though it's kinda pathetic, I don't shoot minors without someone else there, usually a parent. I did talk with one 18 year old model who had been pushed into doing nudes, *by her mother.*
Question if a model release is needed, plz help!! in Photography Talk
It's not against the law to shoot minors without parental consent (as far as I know) and I was not trying to state that it was. I was only pointing out that just because the law does not require a release (OP's question) that he may still wish to seek parental consent. Law may not REQUIRE him to have it, but some people get pretty upset about "some photographer" taking pictures of their precious children without their consent and I can live without any of that kind of drama. Legal or not.
parental consent? i am so thoroughly confused in Model Colloquy
This is sadly funny. Just like in the "is it legal to shoot minors nude?" threads, people are throwing around a dozen different interpretations of what they think the law should day, what uncle joe's weekend card buddy told them it says, or what they read somewhere sometime and maybe might remember correctly, but no one has cited the actual law in the state where the OP resides. Contract law varies from state to state. The OP is in California. I don't have time to research it, but the State of California has their laws on-line. Why not try there?
16 and 17 year olds "I Don't Do Nudes" in Model Colloquy
I'm confused - perhaps its the late hour or my old brain is fried. Is it or is it not legal to photograph someone under 18 in the nude? Or is there no simple law to answer this question. N.B. I have not and do not shoot minors nude, semi-nude, implied nude or any other form of nude. REPEAT I do NOT.
Can I photograph a 17 year old without parent? in General Industry
AMEN! I shoot minors all the time without discussing it with their parents. They just understand that the clothes stay on, must be age appropriate and we're all good. As stated, they cant sign a release, but they do have cash! Now if the photos were that good, then contact mommy and have her sign one so you have a parents consent to use them. In the mean time, nothing wrong with making an honest dollar.
Man arrested for painting & shooting 7 year old in Off-Topic Discussion
I responded directlly to the comment that there is no difference between shooting minor children in a studio setting... The comment I made is directly relevant.
So a 17-year old wants to shoot with me in General Industry
Tested - really. How much does it cost to be the one doing the testing or being tested? Here is an excellent example of what could happen to lots of parents and photographers. … id=8624533 A quick google search will find you all sorts of cases where photographers have been charged with all sorts of things only to be exonerated later. In fact, there is not need to even go so far as google. You can search the MM forums and find all sorts of cases where photographers have had legal dealings - even when they were in the right. You've put words in my mouth. At no point did I make any implication of legal or illegal behavior. Nor, have I made any statement that shooting minors may or may not be illegal. What I have advocated is knowing the law and making and educated decision about what you do. And, if you want to know, go to the best source of information available. I'm pretty sure A.J. and Lisa Demaree wouldn't have taken their images to Wal Mart for processing had they been aware of the legal risks they were taking. While ultimately, they were acquited, the personal and financial cost have been devastating. You don't have to be wrong, someone just has to make the claim. My advice to the OP remains that IF he wants a legal opinion, he ought to visit his attorney rather than relying on the information in a mm forum. You're advice seems to be that this isn't a case where the OP should consult with his attorney. His common sense and MM forums discussions are sufficient. One of the great things about this country is that we can disagree.
shooting minors? 2nd time? in Newbie Forum
Lol, to call my prerogative narrow minded, that's narrow minded. I guess to me, growing up as a model from 14 wouldn't be ideal. There is too much to learn and lessons that needed to be acquired first, your lucky the nature of the business didn't harm you then. I don't shoot minors. Sorry if I offended you. I didn't say I was against it.
shooting minors? 2nd time? in Newbie Forum
Shooting minors is a waste of tie unless agency signed, or you know them.
shooting minors? 2nd time? in Newbie Forum
Without the smart ass remark.. Anyways. I wouldn't do it. I don't shoot minors, and if I did.. you need protection from them being present.
shooting minors? 2nd time? in Newbie Forum
Shooting minors is no big deal. I have been modeling since I was 13 and it really isn't that much of an issue, or at least it never has been for me.
How a photog works with a model under 18 in General Industry
The OP indicated later in the thread that she is actually only interested in the legalities of shooting minors. She should probably edit the opening post.
nudity and children - deja vu all over again in Photography Talk
This has happened time and time again. I think a child molester is the lowest form of a human, but things like this make me shake my head. What parent does not have a picture of their kids playing in the bath? Be careful when shooting minors folks!
Asking for Proof of Age in General Industry
I have a place on my model release for age and I always ask for photo ID, most states require you to carry one, when shooting minors I usually have a parent present !
Photographers bringing escorts? in Off-Topic Discussion
I'm not worried about losing stuff. Ironically the only time I've had a camera stolen was at an apartment complex community room where a security guard was supposed to keep an eye on things. I would worry more about false accusations in this day and age. For us male photographers, it's absolutely wonderful to have a female assistant working closely with the teenaged female models. There is one assistant I miss greatly. She was a model, professional make up artist, and trained ballet dancer. Her name was Ava, and she was very important to have with me when shooting minor aged girls for their actor and model portfolios. Ava and I worked like a team. But she moved away to go to nursing school in Oregon or Washington. By now, she has probably married a doctor and raising a family?
Taboo Subject? in General Industry
Mostly because as diverse as each profile and portfolio is...the opinions expressed within the forum is also just as diverse (and sometimes rather heated too, which is why if you scoot down to the lower right part of the forum, you'll see what is known as the "brig" on that and you'll get an eyeful of just who has the strongest opinions and who likes to exercise their "freedom of speech" quite often LOL! I've been here just over a year now and truthfully when I see threads like "Escorts", "shooting minors nude", etc. I just roll my eyes and keep looking (elsewhere) to see if anything is funny enough or worthwhile enough for me to pop in and make a post on. It's like over in the "Soapbox" section of the want to see some heated banter and adults having snit fits...trying poking around in that for a few minutes (but word of caution here, if you post in there, you could be "shark bait" because some mighty big sharks roam freely throughout there and they have razor sharp teeth that can cut through your hard drive to get at you LOL!). You know you are new here...chances are you'll make one or two posts that might get your ass chomped on by several and in turn you'll chomp others as well. But wear your battle wounds with pride and keep plugging away with posts! LOL! Good luck Sue Swank Photography
Taboo Subject? in General Industry
Well, when it comes to shooting minors, Pedobear always gives his seal of approval.
Model 3 months from her 18th birthday...nudes? in General Industry
Agree. The martyr best be someone who clearly was not shooting minors nude but got snared by 2257 regardless, which will go much further to expose the injustice. There is no defense for actually doing what 2257 claims to prevent.
Get Nekid or Get Lost! in General Industry
OP...its NOT okay to shoot minors nekkid...Your reasoning, as stated above, is not excusable by any means. Its disgusting. EDIT: just read your response. sorry
Get Nekid or Get Lost! in General Industry
You misread it. Because I shoot minors who cannot disrobe, I see no reason to tell the 18 y/o she has to due to her age. So the field is level and they rules are the same. Just because you legally can, doesnt mean I'm going to take advantage of it
Contacted by underage model: Disturbing in General Industry
Thats logical if they dont mix business like that, that makes sense. Saying many pro's dont shoot minors simply because of age doesnt. I dont put my bondage shots on the same web port as my high school sports shots either.. its a business decision not an age based one.
Under 18 shoot in Newbie Forum
QFT. Not to mention all the automated photo booths at the malls, wonder how many of them have had to explain themselves to a judge? Shooting "minors" is a HUGE percentage of the retail photography business, to act like there is some "risk" in that requires a lawyers help is silly at the least.
working with minors... in Photography Talk
As you can see, and as you no doubt know, shooting minors in the nude (legal or illegal) is fraught with risk. It might not be illegal were you are from, but in all seriousness do you want to have to potentially go through all the shit that comes with it to find out? Look at it like this. If one of those "citizens with concerns" does report you (legal or not) the police are going to come and they are most likely going to take you to the station. They are going to question you and based on the outcome of that they will either release you or arrest you. Oh and if you are arrested, its going to cost you crap loads on lawyers to find out you were innocent. Personally, I say fk that, its not worth it. John
Appropriate Age for Nude Modeling in General Industry
I dont know about you Doug, but that is the mentality that would make me look at someone twice in this topic. The "I can only think of one reason in my head why someone would take a picture of an 8yr old naked" Ummmm... Stay away from my 8yr old please, comes to mind.The point was, this question has been ask numerous times before. WHY? What is the interest in shooting minors without clothes? It just strikes me as strange that there is ALWAYS someone seeking validation in doing something that some societies say is taboo. When someone asks "when can I" "why can't I". I begin to think the worst of their intentions.
Appropriate Age for Nude Modeling in General Industry
so then by using that standard, its illegal to shoot minors at all...clothed or unclothed... geeze... were all in a heap of trouble...
Kymberly, I do not recall the OP even asking to shoot minors in suggestive manners..... I understand where you are coming from, but the OP only asked what the legal age is